Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our Little Easter Bunny!

                         Pointing at his little friend, Cason, it's crazy how he remembers people now.

 Loving his one Easter egg

 Brushing his feet against the grass! haha
 He looks a little mischevious here, like, "Oh no, you caught me!"

Florida Trip

We took a much needed trip to Florida, to see Danny's sister Crystyl on February 6 and we had so much fun. It was the first time Crystyl and Carter had met, the verdict: he LOVED her! We went to the zoo and the beach and really enjoyed just being with family. I was a little bit worried about the flight because it was pretty long and it was the first time Carter had ever flown but bottom line he was so good. He was flirting with all the passengers behind us and tried to get up over the seat so he could see everyone. People even commented about how he must be an experienced flyer. haha On the flight home he did just as good, except wouldn't you know it, right when we started taxing on the flight line he turned bright red and started pushing with sound effects and everything. I started to stress out but once we were in the air we made our way to the teeny tiny little bathroom and it took both Danny and I to change the little squirmy, babies bum! We survived.

    Dad, obviously having more fun than little man!

                                                            Our gorgeous view at lunch
                                                                Carter sucking on ice

                                                This baby boy is crazy about lemons haha
                                                                Me and the Sis-in-Law
                                     Sticks anything and everything he can in that mouth of his

                                      Danny playing with Kelly (Crystyl's pooch) on the beach
                                            Trying to get all three of us in the shot, FAILED

                                                   These are the cutest pictures of my boys

                                                       Danny, Carter, Crystyl and Kelly

                              We got to feed these little alligators and it was actually really fun

                                                            Carter and Auntie Crystyl

 Danny is very proud that he took this picture and would never want me to try and take credit for it haha
                                                     Being a content, awesome little flyer

We're still alive!

It's been almost a year since I've updated and I really regret it now. I'm hoping I'll keep the deal this time to update as often as I can because I want Carter to able to look back and see how much we love him.

So, here's whats's been going on as of late:

*Danny left for Afghanistan on the 20th of March and Carter and I made our way to St. George that same day. We're staying with my parents until Danny returns late July/early August.

*Carter started crawling in November and is non-stop! He can pretty much walk but wants to get places too quickly so he usually ends up crashing on his rear end or holding on to furniture.

*He absolutely adores Cassius and says, "Daw" when he sees him but Cassius does not return the love. It's very heartbreaking. :(

*He is the sweetest, smiliest, most outgoing, friendly baby I've ever come across.

*He experienced his first Easter egg hunt today and he loved seeing all the other little kids.

*He also had his first encounter with grass today. It was hilarious, I wish I would've got it on video. He would touch his big toe to the ground and then bring it right back up. Eventually, he came around and enjoyed it.

*He's 10 months and growing so fast. I love seeing him evolve into such a sweet little boy.

*I know there's so much more but I'll be back! Here's some pics some old and some new: